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Vanilla Nougat with Apricot 30g

Coconut Bar

Almond Bar

Peanut Bar

Pistachio Bar

Sesame & Coconut Snap 30g

Sesame Snaps 30g

Vanilla Cranberry Almond Nougat 30g

Vanilla Almond Nougat 30g

Vanilla Pistachio Nougat 30g

Premium Pistachio Delight 150g

Full of flavour our pistachio delight that melts in your mouth

Premium Almond Delight 150g

Only the finest Australian almonds used in our mouth watering delight.

Premium Pistachio Coconut Delight 150g

Vanilla Nougat Pistachio 150g

Truly special with only the finest pistachio a person can ask for with its rich taste.

Vanilla Nougat Cranberry Pistachio 150g

With only the finest pistachios and cranberries a person can ask for that’s what makes our nougat different from the others.

Vanilla Nougat Cranberry Almond 150g

Amazing nougat with Australian almonds and a touch of the finest cranberries for the ones that love there fruit.

Vanilla Nougat Almond 150g

A unique combination of Australian almonds with the finest nougat that will make your taste buds ask for more.

Vanilla Nougat Macadamia 150g

Made from the finest ingredients with a rich taste of macadamia.